About GS

The Garment Shack, Fun Clothing & Accessories.

Welcome to the Garment Shack page. The GS was founded in August of 2018, yes, we’re still infants in this competitive business but we are growing up fast! We have a great selection of designed quality t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts on offer along with mugs both ceramic and enamel with some unique designs printed on them which are exclusive to GS. We also supply some great poster designs printed on A4, A3, A2 and A1 sizes.

Our t-shirt designs have been created by many artists and we are really happy to have some of their best work adorning our clothing. We also create a lot of the designs ourselves making them unique to GS and we’re working on new designs everyday.

All products are printed in the UK using various method but all garments on GS use a method called DTG: Direct to Garment. In the simplest terms possible, this is a print method similar to standard inkjet printing - where a print head passes over the garment and lays down colour inks based on the artwork. It's a digital method capable of high-quality prints using as many colours as necessary.

Our mugs and some other products use Dye sublimation: A print method that transfers dye from sublimation paper to the product. It's more versatile than direct to garment since dye sublimation is possible for products like mugs, which would be otherwise impossible to print.

Our garments are made from quality fabrics and look great with a full colour image printed on them. In the near future we will be introducing some embroidered products including caps, bags and polo-shirts.

GS Community

What we would like to see is a community of GS followers buying, wearing and enjoying our products. We will be developing our Facebook page where we will sharing all kinds of things, including; our customers photos, reviews, our design processes, competitions and more. Don’t be a stranger, like our page on Facebook.

Our Ethical Responsibility

The provider we use to print all our products were chosen for many reasons, price, quality, location but importantly, their ethical standards.

  • Our wide variety of products are organic and fair wear accredited garments.
  • All the excess and waste cardboard and paper produced is recycled.
  • Waste ink is unavoidable, but it is disposed of responsibly.
  • Failed prints are also unavoidable, and as of 1st March 2018 all products that failed quality checks will be donated to charity.
  • DPD, the courier company used, have a carbon neutral commitment.
  • From April 2018 the packaging used to ship all orders is either 100% recyclable or biodeg­ra­dable, or both.

The Reason for GS

It's a good feeling to put a smile on someones face, whether you have dribbled BBQ sauce down your shirt or have a bit of coleslaw stuck on the end of your nose after munching on a sandwich. Ok, so not a good feeling if it was a new shirt! The important thing is we all like a laugh. Laughter, happiness and joy is a great medicine, laughing is an important part of life. It can lower blood pressure, it can reduce stress and has many other benefits.

Wearing a fun T-Shirt or Hoodie gets people talking, smiling and occasionally laughing!

Nigel Holland
Owner & Designer